The Paradox of Perspective

Conflict, sadly, seems to be a way of life in the modern construction world. Since we know it will occur, wouldn’t it be smart to have a ready-made pathway on which to walk as you seek resolution? What can you do to help deal effectively with conflicts on the jobsite, in the office, at the owners’ meetings, etc.?

Watch Digging Deeper this week as Dennis describes four techniques to help make resolving conflicts more achievable and less contentious. And we’d like to hear what innovative steps you’re taking to help resolve conflicts. Please share your thoughts and comments. Thanks.

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  1. Hello Dennis,
    Listen to your blog (and Wayne’s) every week, although I’m a little behind this week! Always something good in the stuff you guys put out! I’m listening to “How to Win Friends and Influence People” on audiobook right now. It mirrors the point you’re making in your blog this week, along with several other excellent lessons I need to learn! I’m probably just late to the game on that book… but it should be required reading for every person in the construction industry! The title and age actually kept me away from it for years, but in spite of it’s age, it’s really just a great handbook for any human interaction.

    • Thanks for following. Let me know if you have any ideas to cover!

  2. Hello Dennis,
    I enjoy your blog’s and perspective on contracting issues. A couple of topic suggestions for future blogs: 1) GMP(cost plus fee) vs. lump sum contracts 2) starting a specialty sub contractor 3) Culture-how to establish and attract key employees 4)Employee owned vs. private owned contractors.

    • Kevin,

      Thanks for the great suggestions. I will look at each of these and put them in the queue for the future.


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