How to Meet a Leader’s Toughest Challenge – Layoffs?

Who knows where the macro- and construction economies are headed? Headlines talk about a looming recession, a “soft landing,” and maybe nothing at all. One of Wayne’s newsletters had an article last fall entitled “How to Meet a Leader’s Toughest Challenge: Layoffs.” Will it come to that?

Please tune in this week as Wayne relates business best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith’s four tips for handling layoffs successfully – but WAIT! Where is the rather obvious flaw in this story? How could such a progressive thinker fail to see such an obvious business opportunity? Who do you think has the better argument: Goldsmith or Rivers? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. Great comments
    I regularly do this but am concerned my middle managers follow through to the key staff under them.

    • Thanks, Mike.

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