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Your Journey, Our Passion

At PCA, we empower contractors on their journey towards enduring success. We understand the countless hours and dedication it takes to build a construction business, and our ultimate objective is to preserve the legacy you've invested so much time and effort to create.

Through our unique and collaborative approach, we pave the way for breakthroughs that focus on the future. Our vision extends towards providing strategic guidance and instilling confidence in every step of your professional journey. As a trusted advisor, we help ensure that your business not only thrives today but continues to flourish in the years to come.

Our Brand Promise

Make More Money in Less Time with Fewer Headaches and a Higher Quality of Life.

Our brand promise extends beyond immediate financial success; it's dedicated to establishing a sustainable foundation for long-term prosperity. PCA's overarching goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for our clients. We want to make sure that your journey is not only financially rewarding but also personally enriching in terms of well-being and fulfillment. Our philosophy revolves around making the path to sustained prosperity smoother, more gratifying, and conducive to a balanced and higher quality of life.

Our Core Values


We understand how hard you’ve worked. Our commitment to accountability ensures that we honor the trust you've placed in us and the legacy you've created.


Building a construction business is about more than just today – it's about creating a lasting legacy. Our approach to growth is rooted in ensuring your business thrives today while also nurturing your future success.


Your hard-earned achievements deserve safeguarding, putting protection at the heart of our values. We act as guardians, ensuring the long-term preservation of your success.


Compassion underlines everything we do. We understand the personal sacrifices and challenges you've faced. Our approach is empathetic and caring, always keeping your well-being in mind.

Our Culture

Performance Construction Advisors cultivates a supportive and trusting environment focused on continuous guidance for you and your team. Our culture is defined by our dedication to contractors, placing your needs at the forefront of every interaction. We take pride in being more than mere consultants; we are trusted advisors committed to your success. With a client-centric approach, we actively nurture the growth and preservation of the businesses we serve, making your success our success.

Our History

Established in 1995 by Wayne Rivers, Performance Construction Advisors has a rich history of educating, engaging, and inspiring construction leaders with first-hand knowledge. Initially focused on family business consulting, our journey has led us to become a dynamic construction advisory firm, helping contractors of all sizes plan for the future while fostering continuous growth.

Wayne Rivers, our founder, is a renowned expert in closely-held businesses, making him a sought-after speaker at conventions, conferences, retreats, meetings, and educational institutions. Throughout the years, Wayne's expertise and our team's dedication have shaped PCA into a trusted resource for construction businesses striving for success and longevity.

Our Insights

We continuously provide guidance through our free resources. Browse our latest blog posts to unlock insights from our experts.

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