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Explore our practical wisdom within the Performance Construction Advisors' Resource Hub – your trusted guide to a better business and a better life. Read our insightful blogs, watch our informative webinars, consult our books and white papers, and find answers in our FAQs. These resources are designed to provide you with a solid foundation, offering valuable insights and pragmatic solutions as you navigate your path.

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Discover our insights covering leadership, work-life balance, business strategies, practical construction practices, and executive guidance. As the guardians of your legacy, we are here to provide valuable perspectives, help guide you through business life, and ensure you feel well-informed on the journey ahead.
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Tune into our webinars for a deep dive into construction expertise, strategic planning in uncertain times, industry insights, and practical tips. Elevate your understanding as we unravel intricacies, simplify complex concepts, and provide viewpoints to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the construction landscape.
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Books and Whitepapers

Delve into our library, featuring books by our founder, Wayne Rivers, and white papers addressing essential topics. Acquire valuable insights into the world of closely-held businesses, and discover solutions designed to address your pain points, such as contractor planning and succession. These extensive resources are tailored to elevate your strategic approach in the construction industry.
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Browse through our FAQ section, a curated guide designed to provide clarity on how we can assist you. Gain a better understanding of how we can be your strategic partner, empowering you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for success in the construction industry.
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Our Insights

We continuously provide guidance through our free resources. Browse our latest blog posts to unlock insights from our experts.

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