Become a Complete and Respected Construction Professional

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Please watch Digging Deeper as Dennis details the pathway for identifying and mentoring rising leaders in your companies for their future success. We’d love to hear what steps you’re taking to groom your NextGen leaders as complete and respected construction professionals. Please share with us in the comments. Thank you!

Give your NextGen high potential people the opportunity to learn the business of construction from industry experts and peers alike. Enroll them in FBI’s one-of-a-kind leadership development program, The Contractor Business Boot Camp. The next class (already at about one-third capacity!) begins Jan 27, 2022 in Raleigh. Contact Charlotte today at to find out more about the program and the limited-time early bird pricing.

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  1. Hello, any recommendations for a person who has been a Complete Respected Construction Professional for many years entering an established company as anew employee

    • Ray,
      Unless your reputation precedes you, it is likely a time when you will earn the respect of your new co-workers, which may seem frustrating, but comes with the territory. Obviously, you will need to perform your own responsibilities well, but I would also look for opportunities to mentor the younger up and comers and focus on collaboration. It is through collaboration that you can probably add the most value to the organization and best utilize your experience and contacts that have allowed you to get good things done along the way. In sopo doing, you will likely accelerate the extent to which you begin to feel the respect and appreciation that will allow you to maximize your contribution and opportunity in your new environment.
      Hope this helps!

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