Your Spouse Is CRITICAL To Successful Family Business Planning

“Why in the world do you need to interview my spouse as part of your family business consulting process?” We get this pushback regularly from family business leaders. As you might imagine, Wayne has a strong opinion on the subject. Please listen and share your comments below.

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  1. Wayne, you’re right when you say spouses should be included in family businesses. I am a clear testimony of this school of thought. My husband got me involved in the business. When he passed on, it wasn’t difficult for me to carry on as there was already a relationship between the employees, clients and me. My take on this is that spouses should be involved at a very early stage of the business to ensure continuity.
    I’m interested in pursuing a doctoral research on: the continuity of family businesses, successes and failures.
    Well done Wayne.

    • Thanks you, Francisca!

      • Agree, Chip. Thanks.

  2. You are right on point. We also send the spouse of all employees a $50 Belks card on their birthday. Some would not let their husband quit.

    • That’s a great idea, Bradford! Wish I had thought of it! Well done, sir!

  3. Great counsel and objective data gathering Wayne! Very clear why you need the spouse’s perspective. Perhaps you could give a few bullets on how you sort things out when the spouse is also working in the business. Or a whole new video: Spouses, Part 2!
    Blessings from Atlanta

    • Good call, Eric! thank you!

  4. Wayne, you got it right! Spouses need to be included. One of the best things we did Over the years was to include spouses in some of the company’s activities. Their “buy in” was instrumental in our success! Good job!

    • Yep! Thanks, Harold!

  5. My wife told me I really liked this video.

    • You’re the man, Don! Good to know who wears the pants…

  6. Wayne,
    I enjoy listening to your videos while in the car. You may want to check your audio quality. Most if not all of the videos I remember hearing have left channel only.
    Congrats by the way on the sale with Travelers.

    • Got it. Thanks, Blair!

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