Your Family Is Dysfunctional

Now that we have your attention, please listen as Wayne explains the insanity of focusing on careful planning and thoughtful execution in your core business – building structures, manufacturing goods, delivering services, or whatever you happen to do – but not exercising that same discipline in maintaining your family relationships. As always, we look forward to your comments below!

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  1. Great advice!!

    • Thanks, Gerri!

  2. On target, but easier said than done. Maybe a suggestion for how to begin again would help.

  3. Did I send you a copy of my book: “Transforming family businesses from Dysfunctional to Extraordinary?” All about true stories of family business relationships. Keep getting the message out!
    Jim Kwaiser, CMC

  4. They say don’t work with animals or children, well I’d like to add mum and dad to that statement.
    Small family business of residential homes of Adults with a Learning disabilit that has been open 30 years.
    I feel disloyal sometimes when I disagree with their way of thinking. Both seventy but can’t let go, business stagnating, family dynamics in the air, no exit plan at present.
    Sometimes I feel like walking away from it all.

    • Stay positive Jonathan! Remember that perspective plays a huge role in all of this. Work, relationships, and life outlook are all influenced heavily by your perspective. Also remember that perception is reality, so your perspective is going to be self fulfilling on your reality.
      You and your parents have totally different life experience that has laid the foundation of your thought process and your views. If you were in perfect alignment / agreement all of the time I would question your leadership.
      It’s okay and natural to disagree with their way of thinking. The key in my opinion, is to allow each person to have their unique responsibilities. Own your areas and let them own theirs.
      Finally one last word of encouragement. If they have a 30 year foundation under that business, it is worth fighting for making things work. Even though they are still there they won’t always be. It will be your turn sooner then you think.
      Don’t let the emotions of the day to day override the big picture. You might need to adjust your viewpoint to see the picture more clearly. You know, the forest through the trees thing… Find some good to think about with the business to counteract the hard parts. Surely there are some…
      Best of luck!!

      • Thanks for the encouragement Lael, you have confirmed what I was thinking anyway.

  5. great posts, keep them coming.
    Thank you.

    • Will do, Sandra! Thanks for the encouragement!

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