You must read this new book!

This “must read” is Wayne’s fourth book – and we are pretty excited about it. You can find the book on As always, please let us know what you think about the video (and the book) in the comments below.


Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. I enjoyed your book, it is a quick read. It is so easy to look at others and become judgmental but hard to see yourself. In my case and with the lessons learned in our peer group and association with your company, our processes for company success and transition could not have gone better. I am passing this book onto a close friend who is in a high position with a billion dollar family owned company that has serious internal problems by not dealing intelligently with the key personnel who really make the company what it is today.

    • Thank you, Alan!

  2. Entertaining plus educational!! Is the ‘pointy head consultant’ going to do a sequel?

    • Two more books in the works this year, Ab, but no sequel. It is MUCH harder to write fiction!

  3. Luckily, I’ve had the chance to read your book! One of the things I like about it is to give a vision of what the process of going through transitions and challenges looks like to family business owners. So many are just overwhelmed and therefore ignore the importance of dealing with transitions and challenges. This week I’m giving my copy to my friend that has a $500 million third gen company. I know it will help him as they complete the transfer from G2 to G3 and beyond. Thanks for your great work! Harry

    • Thanks, Harry. Coming from an author as successful as you, this is high praise indeed!

  4. Good stuff!

    • Thanks, Greg!

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