Work Isn’t Life!

Contractors work unbelievably hard for unbelievably long hours. That’s ingrained in every construction employee – you’re expected to work HARD! That mindset may have been ok in previous generations, but today’s workers are looking for better work-life balance. And maybe we “more seasoned” employees can learn from the younger generations!

Watch Dennis’ final vlog as he eases into retirement and encourages you all to find passion and purpose outside of work. What motivates and sustains you outside of work? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks Dennis, great job as always!. I will miss your blog as I missed you as a facilitator. I am in the midst of this issue now. I wish I had made more preparations. Being forth generation I have seen worse preparation. One thing I’m doing to seek next steps is I plan to read “Halftime” by Bob Buford. I may join a group of likeminded people seeking the same. I pray you enjoy the next season and thank you for all you have done for our family and business.

    • Thanks, Andy. You have always given back plenty to the industry, your employees and the up and coming leaders. Hope you are still getting some tennis in – it’s a great sport for us old timers!

  2. Congratulations Dennis. I will miss your “Digging Deeper” posts which have been informative and thought provoking. Best of luck to you in your retirement.

    • Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback and wish you the best going forward.

  3. Thank you for all your insight on so many different aspects of construction and life! Enjoy your family, tennis and the other endeavors you will continue to seek out; because you have passion!

    All my Best

    • Ed,
      Thanks so much. I am glad to hear that folks can see and feel the passion. I think passion is a critical element of a great life.

  4. Great work Dennis! Thank you for all the support and words of wisdom during the past decade. Your constant positive energy and love of construction is a good reminder that we are truly blessed to be in this industry. I really liked the “me, we, they” philosophy. It is definitely a phrase that will be with me over the next couple of decades.

    Thanks again and please stop by to us when you are out West!

    • Thanks Steve for the kind words. I have truly enjoyed our time together and feel like I have learned much from you as well!

  5. Thank you Dennis,
    your wisdom and insights have influenced me and many in our organization. Who knows how many countless impacts you have had in the world. I assume many. Your work reminds me of the “butterfly effect” theory which comes from the Chinese proverb “The flapping of the wings of a butterfly can be felt on the other side of the world.”
    Thank you so much for your work

    • Mario,
      You are too kind. Happy to have contributed in some small portion to your success.

  6. Congratulations Dennis, you have influenced many in our business and the world. A personal thank you for being a guiding light for me and our company. Your weekly guidance is always spot on with hurtles and issues we all face…you will be missed. Enjoy the next chapter of your life!

    • Ron,
      It’s been a pleasure to watch you and the company develop and find success over the years. I hope your own plan for the future continues to take shape.

  7. As a third-generation owner of a construction business, I have witnessed firsthand what happens when retiring owners don’t have passions outside of the business. It doesn’t go well for them, no matter the wealth they have accumulated. Congratulations on a great career and thanks for your words of wisdom!

    • Thanks, Chris,
      I’m sure you have seen plenty as a third generation leader. Good luck going forward!

  8. Well done Dennis and huge congratulations on a great career. You have positively influenced many, including me. Be well!

    • Thanks, Jim. I hope your tennis game is good and you are enjoying good health! Hopefully, your career will winish with the same success it has brought so far!

  9. Love it. My favorite quote is the one about what you won’t be saying on your death bed I have been saying that one for a few years. Sometimes it takes retirement or something tragic to happen before that one will truly hit home. I have had a conversation with my father and have told him ( in the heat of a battle over work) that at the end of the day if something happens to the company who cares we still have our family and friends which is what really makes you RICH in life, not all the other bulllshit $$$. Great job Dennis with the top 10 much appreciated. Maybe some guest appearances down the road?? 🙂

    Thanks, Paul. Appreciate your feedback. It sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight.

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