Words of Wisdom from Queen Elizabeth

During uncertain times, the way is cloudy, murky, nebulous; we feel unmoored, vulnerable, maybe even panicky.

One of the best ways to reassure ourselves is to look back at other uncertain periods in history to see how leaders pulled their teams through to success and victory. Queen Elizabeth recalled her father’s stirring speech on the occasion of the end of World War II in Europe, and King George’s words have meaning for us 75 years later on the anniversary of V-E Day.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Thanks for sharing Wayne. I believe inspiration as a leader is a key motivator for future team success.

    • Me too, Chris. You’re welcome.

  2. Wayne, thank you. one of the first “lessons” we’ve all learned (and reminded of thanks to you) is that we set the “tone.” There is no “back stage” as everyone is always watching how we are thinking and acting.

    • You’re welcome, Kent. You’re right, it’s tough for leaders to go unobserved. Too bad the 75th anniversary of such a momentous occasion got eclipsed by the pandemic news…

  3. Spot on, Wayne. Excellent message

    • Thanks, Kevin

      • We can never get enough of the Don Woodruff story, especially the part where Wayne gets whacked upside the head.

        • It was a pretty good smack, Don!

  4. I have come to realize over the years that my attitude as the leader of my company resonates exponentially. If I come in down in the dumps and grouchy, then it is almost a silence in the office with an underlying current of “stay away and keep your head down.” Leaders must always maintain an attitude that motivates those that work under them to stay the course and excel at it.

    • Thanks, Chip! Good message

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