Why Do Most US Businesses Stay Under $1 Million in Revenue?

Achieving the pinnacle of family business success can be a tough job, but it is eminently possible – even easy – for some intrepid entrepreneurs.

Watch our blog this week as Wayne points out key characteristics that differentiate smaller and less successful businesses from bigger and flourishing ones and presents you with tips to accelerate your growth and reach new levels of success.

We look forward to hearing your experience and tips for growth.

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  1. Great topic. As a Business Coach, this is one of the obstacles I find first with a prospect/client. Thanks for presenting it so clearly!

    • You’re welcome.

  2. Great piece Wayne. I agree with your comments. Good stuff. As an angel investor, I have also found those that grow fast “don’t play around…” — what I mean is — they almost always do what’s best for the business and will push things and people pretty hard. This puts them in an uncomfortable position but they don’t care – the press on with their eye on what needs to be done. The controlling part is a little overrated. They clearly “control” aspects of the business – but they will ALSO let go. They do both. If they want something – they push the management team to get it done. There’s a fine line. Great piece – I Like. Fascinating topic.

    • Cool, Bobby! Thanks for weighing in! Getting a comment from an mega-successful expert like you is a real treat!

  3. Thanks Wayne, We have been in business for 23 years and are just beginning to implement the ideas you’ve presented. It’s exciting because I really believe we will see more growth in the next 24 mos than we have in the past 10 years!

    • Great! I hope you have a terrific next 24 months, Sheila!

  4. I have always tried to surround myself with people smarter than me. A low bar maybe but…! I also have never confused bigger with better. There are many cautionary tales of billion dollar companies awash in a sea of red ink.

    Great blog Wayne!

    • Cool! Glad you like it, Jon.

  5. We were asked early on after start-up to decide whether we wanted to ‘build’ a business or ‘be’ a business. We were also told that a booster stage is necessary to get the rocket off the ground but if not ejected and the second stage kicked on the booster stage will drag you back to earth. The booster stage requires tremendous amounts of energy to hang still if that’s what one wants.

    • Good analogies, John. Thanks.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. The growth of my businesses is directly proportional to my ability to get out of the way of my team. Recognizing that I am not good at everything, don’t have to be, and even trying to be is stealing opportunities from others truly gifted in their own unique ways was life changing for me.

    • I made the same observation when I was talking to Mark yesterday, Ben! Congrats on all your success!

  7. Another great video blog Wayne, thank you. Personal coaching has been huge for me and allowed my business to grow from 30M to 70M over the last 10 years.

    • You boys have had a great run, Josh! I hope you prosper for many years to come!

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