Why Diets Don’t Work, Why Change is Hard for Contractors, and What We Can Learn from NASCAR

Guess what Americans spend annually on diet and weight loss books, classes, apps, and other associated items? $160 billion/year! That’s billion with a “B!” Worldwide, that figure is $723 billion! What gives? If the books, diets, and techniques were successful, surely that figure would fall over time, right? Never happens…

Please tune in this week as Wayne explores why diets – and pretty much all other forms of change initiatives – fail over time. And find out why NASCAR offers such a valuable lesson as we think about changes and how to make them stick. What’s your experience? When you’ve implemented change successfully, what was the key? When your changes have gone… well, not so swimmingly, what do you point to as the root cause(s)? Please share with us in the comments.

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