Who Are Your Heroes?

Americans, especially today, seem to be obsessed with “influencers” and celebrity. But when you think deeper, who do you actually look up to as having been a true HERO for you as you have grown and developed? What characteristics cause you to elevate them to the status of hero in your mind? And what do your hero selections say about you?

Please tune in this week as Dennis discloses who his four heroes are and, more importantly, why they’re his heroes. The most important takeaway: we get to CHOOSE who influences us!

Who are your heroes? Why? Please share your thoughts on this important topic with us in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dennis. As one of those “eight” that your Mother raised, I can say with all certainty Dennis, that her spirit has been comforted by your expression of love❤️
    Proud of ya!

    • Thanks, Brother!

  2. Well done Dennis.

    It seems like only late career CEO’s from Davenport IA comment!

    Other than Mom/Dad etc., I have never been really able to answer that question…..I did happen to glance at my book shelf and see that I am currently and have over decades read at least 6 books each on Churchill and Lincoln…..maybe therein lies the answer!

    Sometimes we have to watch/notice our actions to understand ourselves!!

    Keep playing! I know it keeps me sane (five days per week, thankfully on clay).

    • Churchill had a lot of good lessons for leadership and Lincoln’s words seem to always resonate beyond the situation itself. I love sitting at the Lincoln Memorial and reading the walls for the umteenth time!

  3. dennis, thanks for this topic and your personal reflections by sharing your heros. I suspect your transition to partial ‘retirement’ is a model ‘hero’ for many of us who are in latter years of our careers. Especially your commitment to physical activity and winning a national title in your age group in tennis! Good luck!

    • Thanks for that thought, Kent. Still working on that tennis commitment! Getting close!

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