When is “Enough” Enough?

Should there be an end to a family business leader’s quest for success? Is there a logical or practical stopping point?

Listen to our blog this week as Wayne attempts to answer this pressing question – When is Enough Enough? We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Enough is Enough, this is the question I am asked by my wife of 37 years. My answer has always been the same NEVER, I am having to much fun!!!

    • Glad you’re having fun, Ron. She may have some valid points, however…

  2. Great blog so true in most cases. What about when the greed of one becomes all that matters, and the idea of a family business is lost in the hunt for the almighty dollar. When the customers become just another dollar sign?

    • When the customer becomes “just another dollar sign,” the fambiz has likely begun its decline…

  3. Well put in a concise vlog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Tom. You’re welcome.

  4. Wayne,
    Great blog! I learned when I was 30 the definition of “rich”. A study by sociologists revealed that real wealth or being “rich” was 3x what you have.
    Today I’m 60 and though I’m wealthy, truly rich would be……..about 3x what I have.
    But that’s just assets.
    I have great family, friends, business and life in general. Like you said, the business will never be “perfect”, but we’ll keep trying!

    • Great insight, Randy. I never heard the 3x thing. Dr. Tom Stanley said “affuence” happens when your net worth = 7x your annual income. Lots of ways to define wealth, I suppose!

  5. Terrific blog ,with great advice. When you start to lose passion ,it is time to get out. Otherwise charge forward, develop people and have fun.

    • Thanks, Mike! You nailed it!

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