What’s a “Tribe of Millionaires?”

Wayne’s peer group recommended a fascinating book called Tribe of Millionaires. It’s a fictionalized story of an entrepreneur whose company is at a critical crisis stage AND who loses his estranged father at the same time. How he deals with the twin crises – one business and the other quite personal – and who helps him along his journey makes for interesting reading indeed.

Please tune in this week as Wayne gives a quick book review and shares the key theme of this book: “Creating the life you want is a team sport.” Have you read this book or others like it? What’s your philosophy? Is life-building a team or an individual sport? Please share your views with us in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Wayne,
    I just returned from my first Peer Group meeting in a year or so. As I sat there and listened all i could think of , was what a fantastic opportunity for my son to belong to this group.I only wish we had joined 15 years before we did. While sitting there and looking around the room it was perfectly clear that the entire room was full of folks trying to help our host contractor any way that they could. It was fantastic.

  2. Bottom-line the best thing we ever did for our company was joining a Masonry Peer Group. Add to that my Peer Group is like family to me. Never mind do I get to go away twice a year to strengthen our company, I get to do it with Family. ❤❤

    • That’s a great way to say it, Paul! It’s impossible to relay to someone who is not in a peer group how quickly and deeply you form personal bonds with each other!

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