What Leaders DON’T DO Is Just As Important As What They DO

Bad behavior in an organization erodes employee engagement, degrades customer service, and inhibits performance. As the leader of the organization, it is your responsibility to shape your desired culture every day.

Watch our blog this week as Wayne elaborates on the impact poor behavior has on organizational culture and shares thoughts on how to overcome this barrier.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions for ensuring a healthy culture.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Confirmation of a needed ‘job forwarding’ usually comes later when employees, vendors and especially customers THEN come and tell you how badly the terminated employee was damaging the company’s reputation. The old adage “Never hire someone you won’t or can’t fire”. Also, Proverbs 22:10 “Cast out the mocker and out goes envy and strife”.

  2. Wayne,

    This was a great message and so true.

    I really enjoy you blogs and know this is a lot of work and effort to sustain this, but they are extremely relevant and appreciated. These are good reminders to keep focus on what is really important.

    • Thanks, Ron! This is high praise indeed coming from such a successful guy at such a successful company!

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