What Do You Need To CLEAN UP?

Do you ever feel busy but not productive? What can you learn from today’s “tidying” craze? And why might tidying or cleaning up be a game changer for you?

Watch our blog this week as Wayne explains the importance of CLEANING UP and presents you with six ideas that you might focus on in order to declutter and improve efficiency in your business and your life.

We look forward to hearing your clean up stories.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. [with typos corrected! :)]

    Bravo on another terrific podcast, Wayne. It’s a great reminder to clear the clutter and particularly with some helpful suggestions on the non-physical things that occupy our minds and weigh down our hearts

    • Glad you liked it, Chris. Thank you.

  2. Wayne
    John Mascaro here. you mentioned 6 clean up items. would you please provide a list of the 6. I can only recall 5.
    Thank you and good stuff

    • Hi John! Thanks for tuning in. You’re not gonna hold me to the six, are you? I was lucky to remember five things!

  3. I enjoy the blog posts. Great advice (as usual) for lingering issues that we always seem to push down the list of our priorities.

    • Thank you, Barry! I really appreciate your comments!

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