What Are the Five Top Habits of Great Superintendents?

Superintendents, foremen, or however you characterize them in your trade are the ones who make construction projects go. Sure, all construction is a team effort from BD to pre-con to execution and, of course, keeping score. But the rubber meets the road with the people in the field running projects.

Please tune in this week as Dennis lays out the top five habits of successful superintendents. What would you add to his list? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. I agree 100% all (5) points make for great superintendents – I guess what I would add and maybe it’s under “Perform” Not only being on time each and every day I mean being on time is ALWAYS be at work before anyone gets there and stay until the work is done for that day & always never be late for a meeting “If you are 15 minuets early you are on time, if you are on time you are late” This to me shows deep concern for your job and the respect for others – And one more point – “Show respect for others, no matter what their level of work they are doing and always give complement to those working hard and are doing a good job”

  2. So true Dennis! This is a great list I plan to send out in our next newsletter. Thanks for connecting the dots and compiling this list.

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