We Need a MAJOR REDESIGN of Life

Watch our blog this week as Wayne shares wisdom from a great article about the dramatic life expectancy gains we experienced in the 20th century. He presents you with five tips for living more fully even as you live much, much longer than previous generations.

We look forward to hearing what you’re doing as you reimagine your own longer life. Please share your thoughts with us in comments below.

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  1. Wayne, this was your best one yet! It really hit home with me. When I was working with Doug I told him that I had a revelation ten years ago that the dramatic change I was seeing in the millennials was a once in a lifetime event. The combination of significant technology, social, and business evolution was causing a mindset metamorphosis that resulted in changes in society that the world has not seen….and may not see this type of transformation ever again. The new generation is vastly different, and will not embrace the ideals and career path that we have embraced for generations. So instead of the millennials following in career paths that we followed after our fathers and grandfathers, they were determined to put quality time with friends, paying off student debt, postponing marrying and starting a family, and buying a home until later in life. They DID NOT embrace our ingrained principles and goals. That is when I had the revelation that instead of this generation falling in line and becoming us…..WE had to be the ones to change……because they would not! So, I reorganized our Company, made the heavy hitter production leaders take a mentor role to young all stars, and let our future generation do the work and shine. It has made a mindset change in our Company. So as we continue to age and live longer, there is an increasingly important role that the “seasoned veteran” can contribute with great satisfaction and significance, without being out of touch and distant, to all who we love and who made our careers a partial definition of our purpose and life.

    • As always, John, you are 10 years ahead of the competition! You have built a remarkable organization, and your farsightedness, as in this example, is the reason why. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Wayne – there is an interesting book on this topic called “The 100-Year Life” by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott which talks about similar things … the three stage life of Education-Work-Retirement isn’t applicable any longer. They advocate continual education and work “time outs” or sabbaticals throughout one’s life. I wholeheartedly agree but wonder sometime if society is ready – i.e. if a person re-tooled at 60 would companies, etc. be willing to hire a 60 year old in an entry level or completely new field or job?

    • I think employers will adjust much as individuals will adjust to longer, more active lives, Danny. But it might take a good while. Sometimes, as you know, businesses move s-l-o-w-l-y.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    Great blog subject. Thank you. My wife and I stay active by doing a lot of traveling all over the world. We don’t want to be that couple who waits until retirement to travel. We want to be able to walk all over these exotic cities and be physically able to enjoy our vacations. We go on at least 3 extended (2 weeks +) vacations every years. We also feel like once grandchildren come into the picture, we may not want to be away that much. We also find that the planning and researching of the vacation is a lot of fun and super interesting. We have also made some great friends who we keep in touch with in our travels. Wayne, thanks again for another interesting and thoughtful blog. Take care.

    • Great ideas, George. Thank you.

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