Trillion Dollar Coach

How did a 39 year old failed football coach become a high tech CEO and ultimately a Trillion Dollar Coach? What made Bill Campbell unique, and why did the founders of Apple and Google not to mention the CEOs of many other name-brand companies hold him in such reverential regard?

Tune in this week for the story behind Bill Campbell and the best-selling book Trillion Dollar Coach. Learn Campbell’s six top coaching tips. We’d like to hear from you in the comments: what techniques have proven successful for you in mentoring and coaching up your employees?

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  1. Great reminder Wayne. Read Campbell’s book a couple years ago. What a master and good inspiration for all of us. Very similar concepts to the Navy Seals about teams/leadership, Dan Sullivan’s (all positive focus) as well as Cy Washburn’s “No Ego” book about talent and engagement. Thanks.

  2. Hi Wayne – very insightful and thanks for sharing. We appreciate the time and effort your team puts into this consistent video production. Very well done, and we usually play one video at each of our project update meetings.

    In regards to Bill Campbell’s philosophy of starting a meeting by establishing a personal connection with the team, I always wondered as part of our company meeting updates, if FBI should encourage a 60 second update about our personal life, family, kids, recent vacations, what are we doing for fun to relieve stress etc. Our families are our biggest project and priority.

    I think the social mixers and golf partially achieve that. However, the conversation usually reverts back to business. If you’re on the golf course in Flentje’s Richmond Group, a party usually breaks out and no telling where the conversation goes then. Haaa

    Personal updates were routine in the previous Vistage groups that I was in, and it added a great dynamic when outside of the meeting. Just a thought and wish you all a great day.

    • Thanks, Todd. We do have a facilitators’ best practice that involves a personal check in (via a 1-5 rating score) about home life, work life, and a third variable which might be physical health, emotional health, current view of the peer group, etc. Want me to ask Mike to add that to your agendas?

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