Three Shocking Statistics

What percentage of companies have written strategic plans? How much of a company’s success is attributable to its senior leadership? And what percentage of employees know your company strategy?

The statistics will surprise you! More importantly, how do you avoid being on the wrong side of these stats?

Please share with us how you view these statistics as well as the techniques you use for communicating your company’s strategy, goals, schedules, mileposts, and values.

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  1. I’m a little late to commenting, but wanted to weigh in. We do a series of micro-learnings throughout the organization to make the strategy tangible at all levels (beyond people knowing the strategy, they become responsible for it). For example, if improving profit is part of the strategy, then we have a “1% difference” discussion which is basically what small changes can you make in your job/department to impact the strategy? When added up across the organization this helps achieve the target. This is followed up with a 30 day check-in program to encourage habit building/behavior change.

    • Sounds like a good plan, Cheryl. Thanks.

  2. Great podcast. One of the things we are doing is including the second generation, children of our partners, in strategic planning meetings. We have also done strengths-based leadership profiles on our management team and are working to align their strengths with our vision.
    We are in process of developing videos to better communicate our vision, mission, and implementation strategies.
    I appreciate your messages, we are in the financial services industry; however, I find it more useful sometimes to listen to what is working outside of our industry. Keep up the good work!!

    • Cool! Thanks, Arnie.

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