15 Things That Could Change – and Three That Will Not

As the world is gripped with emerging news and current events, many, many traditions, habits, and behaviors are being adapted. Some of the adaptations are likely to be permanent – or at least hasten the pace of change in various aspects of life.

Please watch our blog this week as Wayne explores some things likely to change dramatically in the near future – and three things you must not change if long term success is your goal.

Thank you, and please give us the benefit of your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Do you think that the way contracts and subcontracts are written will change? For social distancing, hygiene and related ways to the new normal?

    • Yes, I think lawyers won’t be able to resist adapting contract language to account for the pandemic, Kevin.

  2. Great stuff here. I think the customer service experience will change. In the short run there is a balance needed between efficiency for the business and empathy for the customer. In the long run the development of “touch free” customer experiences will rise.

    • Good one, Josef. I agree.

  3. Great blog! My faith, values, and having a routine (although the routine may be a new normal) remain the same.

    • Yes, Cherie, we’re all trying to develop “new normal” routines!

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