“There Isn’t a Labor Shortage, There Is a Shortage of Good Construction Companies”

Josh Levin of Empowered Electric has some pretty radical ideas about running his electrical contracting company. FBI’s Mike Flentje found a fascinating INC. magazine story about him and his company. Having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks and worked his way through the ranks, Josh has seen firsthand how many companies treat their employees. He has resolved to do things differently.

Please watch this week as Wayne relates Josh’s amazing story and his unique viewpoints. We’ll be interested to see your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Really great video Wayne. I laughed when you referenced working at a bank. I know that story! But, you are spot on. And people wonder why their employees don’t produce, they really should look at how they’re treating them and what their processes are internally. Keep up the great work.

    • Will do, Dave. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wayne, you left us hanging! Did he marry the girl? Very good point, Wayne, of Josh not having paradigms to drag him down.

    • He DID get the girl! What a great story Josh represents!

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