There Are No Secrets in a Family Business

In this blog video, Wayne shares a tough love lesson with a blog subscriber. There are no secrets in a family business! Please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Hi Wayne
    As someone who works in New Zealand with farming families moving through inter-generation change your videos are very refreshing.
    In our company we find we facilitated Family meetings are great way to get ideas flowing from all family members.

  2. Wayne, this week’s video is just one more great example of your wisdom and your ability to deliver “˜tough love’ in the gentlest, least abrasive way possible. Any family business that does not subscribe to your Blog and then use your services is putting their future at risk.

    • Thanks, Don! How kind of you!

  3. Good job Wayne,
    I will pass this a long to appropriate people for further review. I know we will get together sometime but until then I will keep listening.

    • Thanks, Tim. I left you a voice mail on Monday. See you soon!

  4. Love, love, loved your blog today! Again promoting and opening up to a new way of thinking for problem solving. Same message as always but with a very familiar example. Thank you Wayne, keep it coming!

    • Thank you, Sandra!

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