The Value of a Sanity Check

There is no such thing as a perfect leader. Everyone has blind spots and is, at least occasionally, flat out wrong. How can leaders get the best from themselves and their teams? And just what is a “sanity check” anyway?

Pleas tune in this week as Wayne relates a valuable lesson learned from changing a tire with his wife and the importance of having a team of equals.

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  1. thanks Wayne. Excellent perspective. it reminds us of what we need to do to encourage a “team of equals”, both with us and other leaders.

  2. Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal

  3. Absolutely correct, Wayne!!!

    A leader MUST surround him/herself with others who are willing to stand up to the leader without fear of retribution and keep the leader “in line.” If the leader surrounds themselves with “yes” men/women, then the organization is only truly getting the leader’s ideas and many great ideas may be suppressed due to fear on the team.

    A strong leader welcomes constructive criticism and healthy debate and it is imperative that an organization has this type of culture to be truly successful!!!

    • Absolutely right, Danny! You nailed it!

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