The Two Secrets for Achieving Tremendous Success in Your Small Business

Do you often wonder, with the limited time and resources that you have, how can you improve the performance of your business? How can a small business emulate the best practices of Fortune 500 companies and make a legitimate mark for itself?
The challenge is not finding the right opportunity. Rather it is eliminating the dozens of others and focusing on a precious few. Not even the most successful entrepreneur can be in all places at once. Listen to Wayne this week as he shares with us a simple strategy for getting all you deserve in life.
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  1. I feel that within our industry we have found three nitchs. Each of our three divisions is very selective in the work they pursue within the overall range of the division.
    I also feel that it is much more important for us to work within an ideal job profile rather than an ideal client profile. I understand that it is probably different for a general building contractor but even so I suspect they choose work more on the type building rather than the client profile. Am I wrong?

  2. Wayne,
    I thoroughly enjoy all your videos, great subjects and very applicable.
    Barron C. Harbin

    • Thanks, Barron!

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