The Three Kinds of Family Business Decisions

Family businesses struggle to make decisions as they weigh impact on both the company and the family. Watch our blog this week as Wayne talks about the different kinds of decisions, how to easily categorize them, and how to “decide how to decide” for speedy resolution.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. This blog is spot on! Every part of it spoke to the challenges we face as a company. The barbell analogy with new and old employees, their reaction to decisions and second guessing happens frequently.

    Thanks for defining the challenges with identifying decision types. Great blog!

    • Glad you liked it, Chris!

  2. Thanks Wayne. Another useful gem.
    I also find it helpful to provide training in problem solving and decision making – so the family business can develop and adopt its own branded decision making process for all significant future decisions. It’s not onerous training, and it seems to make a huge difference.
    Have you found the same thing?

  3. Great Blog. It gets better every time. Good analogy!

    • Thanks, Joe.

  4. Wayne
    Thank you again for a great blog and defining decision. I think is very important to distinguish the difference between them. By doing so, the appropriate approach can be utilize.

  5. Another great blog

  6. Do you have written versions?
    I don’t have time to sit and listen.

    • yes, William. Just click on the transcript link. Thanks.

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