The Three and Ten Rules (Avoiding Complacency in Your Family Business)

In this blog video, Wayne speaks on the three and ten rules – and avoiding complacency in your family business. Please listen and share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne, your video Blogs are consistently world-class in both content and style. Thanks for this piece on ‘complacency’. It’s a killer. Another killer is ‘arrogance’. Complacency can come from being ‘tired’ or comfortable. But complacency can also come from being arrogant and believing that you’re so good that no one can touch you.
    Keep the wisdom flowing!
    Best regards…Donald Cooper.

    • Thanks, Donald!

  2. Have heard complacency/change demand put as a rocket ship. You need the booster stage to get you off the ground, but if you don’t eject it at the right time, it will drag you back down. True for the second stage, also.

    • Good analogy, John. Thanks.

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