The Strength of a Clear and Compelling Vision

A clear and compelling vision is a component that aligns your people and differentiates your business from your relentless competition. It can inspire your people’s passion and create valuable energy about your future.

Watch the fourth installment of Dennis’ final Digging Deeper series where he highlights the “why” of having a great, compelling vision. At The Family Business Institute, our vision is to be the company contractors turn to for a better life. We’d love to hear your vision statements and examples of how they’ve helped you attract talent, differentiate from others, etc. Please share with us in the comments below.

We are down to the last few seats for our upcoming Contractor Business Boot Camp class starting on Feb 9-10, 2023 in Raleigh. Contact Charlotte at today if you haven’t yet enrolled your rising NextGen leaders.

  1. Excellent overview of Vision Statement, its purpose & application.

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