The Secret to Being a Great CEO

The old saying is “it’s lonely at the top.” Construction leaders often experience isolation and even anxiety from the burden weighing heavily on their shoulders. “Am I doing the right things?” “Is this the correct decision?” “What happens to my people and family if I screw up?”

Please tune in this week as Wayne explores an underutilized avenue for dramatically increasing a CEO’s effectiveness, offers a time-tested methodology for identifying your highest and best use (HABU), and starts you on a pathway to find the yin to your yang. For those of you who’ve been down this path, what has your experience been? Please share with our growing vlog audience in the comments section.

The Dallas class of The Contractor Business Boot Camp is already more than half full. If you haven’t yet enrolled your high-potential NextGen leaders to this career development program, do it NOW! In addition to Dallas, we are coming to Denver, Toronto, and Raleigh in 2023. Please contact Charlotte at for more information.

  1. Culture cannot be taught. It comes from leader’s heart and mindset and becomes contagious.

    • You guys have a great culture at WIMCO, Jeryl! Well done!

  2. Great advice.
    Many will benefit if they apply it.

    • Yep!

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