The Role of a CFO in Construction Industry

The construction industry is full of companies that start small with a bookkeeper. They grow a bit, and the bookkeeper gets promoted to controller. Then the firm really takes off, and the controller, the very same human being who 10 years earlier was a humble bookkeeper, is now a CFO. This is a very normal progression in the industry, but is it a good thing? What should a true CFO really be doing? What should senior leaders reasonably expect from someone in their employ with the title of CFO?

Please tune in this week as Travis Hendrick asks three common questions we hear from members and offers the six components true CFOs should be delivering. What’s your experience? When you made the strategic move to hiring a true CFO, what benefits did you experience? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. Hi – really enjoyed the January blog from Travis on The Role of a CFO. We are an 18 employee service company, can you please send me the job description?

    thanks! Always enjoy Wayne & Dennis’s presentations too!

    • Will do, Tim. Thanks.

  2. Would apprciate the CFO role description as well.

  3. Travis – Excellent presentation and summary of a CFO’s roles and responsibilities. I would add one more point. In order to perform the roles & responsibilities of the CFO, the CFO must hire, train and retain the best team members. Will you send over the job description? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this presentation, very helpful summary for me as I transition into a CFO role. Can you please share the CFO job description with me as well?

  5. This has been a subject of much discussion, appreciate the insight. Could you please send me the CFO Job Description? Thanks in advance.

  6. Great piece! Can I get the CFO job description please?

    • Done, Ed. Thanks.

  7. Could you please email me the CFO job description? By the way, these videos are great. I watch them every week!

    • Done, Colin. Why have you not yet joined one of our peer groups? I remember personally reaching out. I’ll have Charlotte send you the info and follow up.

  8. Well done. I would appreciate a CFO job description as well Wayne. Thanks! And, as always, I agree with Kent Pilcher!

  9. Travis, excellent summary. Would you please send job description to me as well. Our CFO has grown up in our team of companies and oversees all (she’s incredible). I would submit that while the CFO should ‘lead’ these processes, the entire leadership team should understand and continually be looking all of these dynamics. it’s far too big a job, and very lonely ‘voice’, if it’s only the CFO. thanks!

  10. Can I please get the CFO job description? Thank you for the information.

    • Done. Why have you not joined a peer group yet, Ron?

  11. Very well done, Travis! Can I also please get a copy of your CFO job description.

    • Done, Kevin.

  12. Well put, thank you for this video. May I please have the job description sent to me that was mentioned near the end? Thank you!

    • done.

  13. Great presentation Travis, thank you!

    • Thanks!

  14. Hi. Travis,
    Could you send me the Job description for the CFO and COO. That was a great presentation

    • Done, Jeff. HNY, brother!

  15. Wayne,
    Thanks for this presentation. Can you please forward me the CFO job description

    • Done.

  16. Can I get that CFO Job Description?

  17. Extremely informative presentation, Thank you! I would enjoy a getting a copy of the CFO job description also.

    • Thank you Mike! Glad it hit the mark with you.

    • Done, Mike.

  18. same here – please a copy of the cfo job

    • Done.

  19. Great video! Can I please get a copy of the CFO job description. And I see someone above asked for the same for COO and Sales and Marketing leader. If you have those, I’d love to see them as well. Thanks!

    • Thank you! I’d like a copy of the CFO job description as well as the COO Job description.

      • done.

    • Thank you Lindsey!

    • Done.

  20. Lots of value in this presentation, your CFO job description would be appreciated.

    • Thank you Mark! I’m passionate about how to leverage this position in our industry to help build stronger contractors.

    • Done.

  21. Very informative. I, too, would appreciate a copy of your CFO job description. Thank you.

    • Thank you Myrna!

    • Done.

  22. Hi Wayne – do you have a summary of this presentation? Also, can you please send a copy of the job description alluded to in this presentation? Thank you!

    • Done.

  23. same here any chance of copy CFO job?

  24. Thanks for the informative and insightful video.

    • You are welcome Jeff. Thank you for your comment and I hope we have helped you in some form or fashion.

    • You’re welcome, Jeff.

  25. I would appreciate a copy of your CFO job description. Great job on clearly presenting all of the aspects of the position.

    • Appreciate the feedback Don. Thank you

    • Done, Brad.

  26. Very thorough and thoughtful presentation. I too would like a CFO job description via email.

    • Hello,

      Great video. Thank you the detailed explanation. Can you please send me the CFO description also via email ?

      Thank you

    • Thank you Don!

    • Done, Don.

  27. Could you please send your CFO job description via e-mail?

    • Done, Josh.

  28. Are there a lot of Owners that are the CFO?

    • Not among decent size, growing contractors, Lisette. Two completely different roles… Do owners not have enough to do without managing finance and all the other roles a good CFO fulfills?

  29. I am the CFO of our company and this was greatly valued. Do you have a similar summary for a VP of operations, or COO, and VP of sales and marketing. We are currently hiring for those positions and building out the job descriptions to release.

    • Thank you Kimberly!

    • Done, Kim. Thanks.

  30. An excellent mini-presentation!

    I am the Controller/CFO of a medium-sized business, and have announced my intention to retire soon. I have forwarded today’s presentation to the ownership group to help them with their recruitment.

    Please send me the job description that the presenter alluded to… thanks!

    • Thank you Henry – congratulations on your retirement and enjoy the next chapter of your life.

    • Done!

  31. Absolutely Brooks – the mentoring, coaching, developing of people should be a key accountability for all roles which contain direct reports. Thank you for highlighting this! Thanks for your feedback!

  32. Done, Brooks. Thank you.

  33. Great to hear Ryan. Thank you

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  35. Thank you Edward!

  36. Kent – thank you for your feedback. 100% agree. Send me an email at and I’ll reply with the job description. Thanks again

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  39. Thanks Querino – see you this spring in Eugene!

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