The Positive Planning Process

It goes without saying that in a time of both pandemic and widespread civil unrest that our visibility into our business futures isn’t what we might like it to be. Having stipulated that, how might we adapt our business planning processes to create more energy and enthusiasm towards achieving our ambitious goals?

Please tune in this week as Wayne compares and contrasts two ways of going about planning and offers a story from the tumultuous 1970s N.Y. Yankees to emphasize the point.

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  1. My father had a saying that fits in with your ideas about focusing on our strengths in business:”Do what you know, know what you do.” I take this to heart as a reminder to focus on those markets you are good at and let the rest go by.

    • Excellent advice, Chip!

  2. Excellent data and points. I believe Billy Martin might have been a “natural” at contracting given his feisty disposition!

    • He would’ve been a difficult person no matter what his walk of life, Kent. I don’t think he would’ve made a good contractor. Most of you guys are tough on the outside but real pussycats on the inside!

  3. Thanks Wayne. We all need to be reminded that it is not always about me. There is no “I” in team. Positive results come from positive people more often than not. Work smart as we work hard. Blessings will come full circle when no one around us works smarter than we do!

    • Thanks, David.

  4. For decades Mexico as a development country had been a magnet for foreign investment. We as a Mexican construction company, had the opportunity to build industrial plants for some of the big world players all over the country…. but, business is becoming harder, they demand more and more, I suspect that is not the case in their countries of origin. Benchmarking is in order!

    • Let’s get you into a peer group, Carlos! It will accelerate the learning for you and your son.

      • And I think owners demand more and more no matter what your place of origin.

  5. Thanks Wayne, now more than ever positive focus is essential! All the best….

    • Thanks, Chris! You too!

  6. Positivity always trumps grinding it out. That doesn’t mean redirection and having hard conversations can’t happen, but the good needs to outweigh the bad. Love the analogy of the blinding snow storm and only being able to see to just a few feet in front of you. Exactly how life is right now!! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Justin.

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