The Five Freedoms

As we head into the July 4th holiday here in the USA, it’s an appropriate time to think about what freedom actually means. Our friend Arlin Sorenson had a great discussion on this subject in Oct. 2021, and we present parts of it here. What are “The Five Freedoms,” and what do they mean for contractors?

Please tune in this week as Wayne discusses the various types of freedoms. We’d like to have your thoughts? What are your definitions of freedom, and how do they manifest themselves in your work and personal lives?

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  1. The 1/3 (56 Hours) of work vs. “play” vs. sleep is a compelling concept!

    I have a rationalized my type A work all-the-time approach via the long time mantra: “A master in the art of living knows no difference between work and play, to those that are observing, he is always doing both”. Work and play blur together in a mostly healthy way.

    Thank Wayne

    • I like the 1/3 idea too, Jim! Thanks for the interesting quote!

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