The Five Elements of Good Judgment

Does good judgment come from “the gut?” Is it something unconscious? Is it something some people just have and others don’t?

Tune in this week as Wayne makes the case that judgment is something that can be both learned and taught to others, defines what it is, and offers five specifics for improving one’s judgment. What do you think? Please share with us in the comments section what tools and behaviors you have found useful in developing and strengthening the judgment skills on your team.

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  1. Very well said

    • Thank you!

  2. Good one Wayne! I liked “seek your Dennis”. We all need to challenge the process. I frequently take the dissenting side because nobody else does to foster dialogue. I also like “do a pre-mortem”, we don’t do that but should and now will.

    Keep’em coming!

    • Thank you, Jim!

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