The Best Teams Hold THEMSELVES Accountable

According to Jack McGuiness writing for the CEO Network, the worst teams have zero accountability, average teams have a boss who holds people accountable, and the best teams hold THEMSELVES accountable. What is accountability anyway, and why is it so elusive for contractors?

Tune in this week as Wayne makes the point that accountability isn’t chewing peoples’ rear ends but is instead a company-wide philosophy that sets great teams apart from poor ones. Please share your accountability success stories with us in the comments section.

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  1. There is not doubt in my mind that personal accountability is a major position that not only leadership roles but in general ALL must be accountable for one’s actions –

    • Thanks, Michael!

  2. ‘Thanks’ Wayne! Accountability is key. Like everything else, it starts with clarity. When things are not going well, businesses have 3 possible responses. The first 2 deny our responsibility…
    1. ‘Who screwed up?’
    2. ‘Who did this to us?’
    3. ‘What did we not do well enough…and how do we fix it?’

    Only #3 involves taking responsibility and ownership of the problem. “We’ll never solve a problem that we don’t first take ownership of.”

    Your fan…Donald Cooper.

    • Great video, Wayne

      • Thanks, Rob!

    • Thanks, Donald. A comment from an expert of your stature is sweet indeed!

  3. Another good one!

    • Sweet! Glad you like it, Maryanne!

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