The ABCs of Talent Management

Hiring and retaining the right talent for your family or closely held business is critical to your success. In this blog video, Wayne touches on understanding and managing your A, B, and C players. Please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. “Atta Boy!” Wayne. 😉

    • Well played, sir!

  2. My observation is that many leaders are primarily hesitant to reward and highlight the A-players because they fear the A-Players cannot handle such acclaim and somehow (negatively) change. I believe that to be a huge mis-read. Most A-players are driven, competitive people who only become more motivated and empowered by public praise. The pursuit of continuous improvement should occasionally be interrupted by recognition of a job particularly well-done!

    • Agreed! Thank you.

  3. Wayne,
    This was great. I will be sharing it with our leadership team. Even after 45 years in business, I know what you said is true but it is so easy to get sucked into thinking you’re saving money by paying less. The real key is finding the right “A” player and then being willing to do what it takes to get them on the team.

    • Thanks, Stan. Hope you all are prospering!

  4. Wayne, I truly enjoy your email video clips and today was no exception. Thank you for the reminder to take better care of our great staff!

    • You’re welcome, Kelly! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I enjoyed this vlog. It reminds me to pay attention to the best of our employees (and, yes, deal with the not so best). Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you, Dolores!

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