The 2004 Boston Red Sox and the Importance of CHEMISTRY

Don’t let your blood pressure rise! We’re not flashing back to your college chemistry nightmare! We’re talking about chemistry in the sense of interactions with other people and rapport. The father of sabermetrics, Bill James, recently opined on the subject of chemistry among great and not-so-great sports teams, and he even used construction jobsites in his exploration of why chemistry matters.

Please tune in this week as Wayne reviews James’ commentary and discusses why chemistry is a difference maker for successful contractors. Please share with us your thoughts on the sometimes nebulous and mysterious subject of chemistry in the workplace. What works for you? What has not?

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Excellent vlog this morning! I believe chemistry & culture start with the interview. I ask every potential employee I interview this question: What motivates you to be better? Everyone has a different answer, and it’s pretty easy to spot the ones who aren’t being honest – if their work history shows a pattern of leaving jobs for better pay & benefits, money is the motivator. If the history shows continuous upward mobility, professional development is the motivator. Match up how they answer with what’s on the resume, and it’s pretty easy to figure out what makes them tick. Once I know that, I can lead accordingly.

    Here’s an example: Right now, I have one member of my team who is motivated by professional development – she does good work and I created a position to provide her a promotion. She certainly earned it, and she’s happy and works harder every day! I have another member of my team who is motivated by stability and work-life balance. She’s able to flex her schedule when possible, and we let her bring her son in to the office to hang out with us on half days. Overall, we have an amazing team!

    • Nice, Chrissy! Sounds like you’re creating a great culture (see Mike’s comment below)!

  2. There is no doubt chemistry matters! It’s just that today we call it culture. One in the same. Either good or bad. It’s up to us which one we have.

    • Excellent observation, Mike! Thanks.

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