The 11 Rules for Business Texting

Who knew that there are rules of etiquette for business texting? Given that we are engaged in a period where we rarely meet face to face anymore, texting is becoming a new norm in business communications. What are the rules of the road?

Please join us this week as Wayne synthesizes 11 rules for how and when it’s ok to use texting in business – and when it’s not.

Thank you. Please give us the benefit of your thinking in the comments.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. I hate the whole texting thing because I’m finding that for too many it has become the default method of communication. No phone call, no email. Did you notify the subcontractor formally? I sent him a text! Ugh.

    I’ve seen a subcontractor try to text a quote – ridiculous!

    • Great perspective, Vick. Thanks

  2. 1. Consider which recipients need to be included. Just like email, it is easy to include many recipients, but are they all necessary?

    2. Don’t reward senders with a response when they text outside of business hours?

  3. I think the fact that there are 11 dos and don’ts to keep track of supports my rule to avoid business texting if at all possible.

    • Thanks, Jon

  4. I believe that when someone sends a text that common courtesy is that you respond either ok or received. When you do not answer with one of these, then I perceive it is no different then talking with someone in person, asking a question, and that person walking away with no answer

    • Good call, Joe. Thanks.

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