Six Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing

The fact that we’re even posting on the subject of employee wellbeing shows how far the construction industry has come in the last few years! It’s an astounding fact that, according to Forbes magazine, for 70% of employees, a manager has about the same psychological impact as a spouse or significant other! That’s shocking!

Please tune in this week as Wayne explores this phenomenon and offers six ideas for maximizing the positive impacts on your people versus blundering into negative ones. What are you seeing? Is all this talk of employee wellbeing just a bunch of gobbledygook – an imaginary crisis dreamed up by writers and pointy headed consultants? Or are you taking it seriously at your company? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. Wayne, good contrast between the past and how we’ve evolved as an industry. Social change and the talent ‘war’ requires us to all think about things that weren’t a consideration 10 yrs ago or longer. Thanks.

    • Hard to believe how much the industry has evolved over the last 30+ years, isn’t it, Kent?

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