Sharpening Your Vision

All leaders have a vision whether or not it is written down and/or communicated with their teams. What’s the best tool for sharpening that vision? And what tool has proven to be the best for holding CEOs and other senior leaders accountable?

Please tune in for this week’s short blog where Wayne gives you his opinions on both.

We’d love to know what techniques and tools help you stay on top of your CEO game.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne, as an executive coach I often find my clients just want to talk; what I call “doing the tell.” Doing the tell means they have a deep need to tell a trusted other about what is happening, how they are reacting and feeling, and reflect openly in a safe space. I’ve asked clients what their telling and my listening do for them; some say they can’t talk this way to others due to their position, some say they just want someone to listen while they think aloud, and some say that they need to hear feedback or observations about their “tell.” Active and deep listening by trusted others is critical to leadership development and effectiveness. You are so right!

    • Thanks for that vote of confidence, Linda.

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