The Seeds Of A Company’s Destruction Are Sown In Good Times

The Great Recession seems like an ancient history in the current boom, and its instructional characteristics are but a remnant. Most family businesses bore considerable pain, but they managed to rally and survive those tough times. Are you, however, prepared to survive GOOD TIMES?
Listen to our blog this week as Wayne shares how business leaders should prepare for adversity in the cool of the day rather than reacting at crisis time.
We look forward to hearing your opinion and comments.

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  1. Excellent msg and a good reminder too.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Steve!

  2. This has been my favorite video so far! Keep up the good work.

    • Excellent! Thanks.

  3. Great topic Wayne!! Flying is a great hobby and can be very enjoying.
    Just out of curiosity you mentioned your top 20 book list, could you could share it with us? I am always interested in what business books others are reading.

    • Good idea for a looooooonnnngggg blog, Jon.

  4. Wayne,
    I was interested in your comment today regarding having an interest in learning to fly. Do you wish to fly for personal reasons or business reasons or both? I have had experience in this regard and if you’re interested let me know where you are in your interest in learning to fly. I would be willing to share my experiences in this regard if and when appropriate.

  5. Great message this morning Wayne!

  6. Excellent post. My grandmother always said “the poor house is right around the corner” and I’ve found the best contractors are the one not overly impressed with their own or their firms success. These people go looking for trouble within their own shop constantly, not to be paranoid but understanding any status quo will eventually turn to decreased performance.

    • Agree 100%, John

  7. First time I have viewed blog. Thank you, spot on. Time….running family business is rewarding and a huge challenge in time management.

    • Cool! Thanks, Kevin.

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