Planning for an Uncertain Economy

While we will leave the “recession” question for the economists, academics, and TV commentators, it does appear that we face a great deal more macroeconomic uncertainty than we did six or twelve months ago. What’s the next move for inflation, input costs, margins, and competition? What things do you need to be doing NOW in order to prepare and to make your construction firm less vulnerable to changing macroeconomic conditions?

Please tune in this week as Wayne walks you through two scenarios that seem pretty likely and asks a critical question: CAN YOU COVER OVERHEAD in the event of a reduction in prices (what goes up must come down, right?) and tightening margins? He also gives you a technique all contractors should begin to employ for evaluating your greatest overhead cost. What are your best practices for battling economic uncertainty? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. Timely Wayne – With Meta doing a mass layoff and housing stalled, tis’ time to ponder same. Talent assessment strategies like stack ranking are always vulnerable to extreme subjectivity in my experience. A tool we use is “9-Box” which weight both performance and potential. We also try to make sure multiple leadership opinions and eyes are on the evaluation!

    • Great advice, Jim. Thanks

  2. Gross Profit Per Man Hour will tell you what you need to cover.

    • That’s a great metric, Kenny. Thanks

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