Which Is Better – A Performance Culture Or A Growth Culture

Every organization has a culture – whether by design or not. Building a high performance culture can boost efficiencies. However, many fail to realize that this performance environment may end up driving up employees’ fears and actually compromising their capacities.
Celebrating growth, on the other hand, will ultimately translate into a higher employee and customer satisfaction.
Listen to our blog this week as Wayne talks about the difference between performance and growth cultures and presents his opinion on which is better. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne, ‘thanks’ for this brilliant and most important distinction between focusing on growth rather than just on performance. Growing our business by growing our people in a ‘safe’ but challenging environment. That’s the key.
    My suggestion when something goes wrong is not to ask, “Who screwed up?” but rather, “What went wrong here and how can we improve so that it doesn’t happen again?” This way we’re not looking for people to blame but for systems, processes, communications or training to improve.
    Wayne, ‘thank you’ for consistently delivering the most thought provoking 5 minutes every week.
    Donald Cooper.

  2. Great post, good for all us high achievers!

  3. Atta Boy Wayne! The big smile on your face near the end creates the perception that you’ve had a sudden realization. YES…have fun while kicking butt. It’s not an either or….as Deion Sanders said in commercials a long time ago, “Both!”.

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