The ONE PAGE Business Plan

Having a well-documented business plan is vital for success of any organization. However, leaders seem to get a little carried away by the idea of creating these ONE PAGE Business Plans. But think about it – does the length of the business plan really determine its effectiveness? Is business planning about creating concise documents, or is there something more to it?
Listen to our blog this week as Wayne shares wisdom on the key elements every EFFECTIVE business plan should focus on.
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  1. process, people and execution. You really are a joy to listen to. You explain it so clearly. But , If it is so simple …. why are so many people complicating it and having difficulty with it? What are the main stumbling blocks?
    Warm greatings from north Spain

  2. I agree that a business plan is going to be different for everyone. I am currently working on a business plan just to get started in my own business, opting to start from scratch instead of using a cookie cutter plan so that I can know the plan intimately. I’m 45 with 25 years of construction experience in residential, commercial and some industrial, and my Dad was a framing contractor. I’ve been in it all my life. No college experience, but I am self educated in the industry. I have worked up through the ranks from being a carpenter, to superintendent and now the Quality Assurance Manager of a $250 M a year construction company where I wrote the company’s quality program. I have worked as a California state building inspector and also have my California contractors license. It might sound funny but the biggest hurdle is how do I find the work? I know, sounds dumb. What would you suggest?

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