The #1 Challenge for Family Business Leaders

Do you often find yourself pressed for time? Do urgent tasks always take priority over important ones? You are not alone! The biggest challenge that business leaders face today is the “lack of time.” It is said that “A lack of time is a lack of priorities.” And, although we sometimes perceive we are uniquely busy today, this is not a modern phenomenon.
Listen to Wayne this week in our blog as he talks about how family business leaders can overcome this challenge and make the most out of their time for their business and their family.
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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Thanks Wayne, we just finished a 2 day leadership retreat with our top 10 leaders and this was one of the key concepts. I’m forwarding this onto them.

    • Awesome! Thanks, Kent!

  2. What a great perspective ! It’s so true we tend to focus on some of the lower important task of our companies and just go down the check list! Thank you ! Good Stuff!

    • You’re welcome, Larry

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