Making Your Vision Stick

Do you have a vision for your company? Are your followers as passionate about it as you are? If not, it is likely that you, as the leader, aren’t communicating it effectively. Your vision should be coursing through the hearts and minds of those you lead. Don’t let it become just a fancy statement hanging on the wall! Make your vision a LASTING reality by communicating it in a way that matters to your people.
Listen to Wayne this week as he shares his learnings from a terrific book on Leadership – Making Vision Stick.
We look forward to reading your vision statements, and thoughts on the blog.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!

  2. TATRO commits to provide reliable service through team enrichment,
    training and technology to be the contractor of choice.

    • Thanks, Justin. I missed you at last PHCC meeting!

  3. Our vision is “We Dig Safer & Better” We are a sitework & utlilty contractor. I noticed you interchanging vision and mission throughout your talk. I have heard some say there is a difference between the two although I have never heard what that is.

    • Thanks, Jon. You’re right, I think I did interchange the two. In a future blog, we can talk about why they are different.

  4. “To create legendary bakery experiences that leave everyone telling the world.”
    Busken Bakery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Nice, Dan! Thanks!

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