Lou Holtz’s Three Rules and Three Questions

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Please tune in this week as Wayne lays out Holtz’s simple but powerful life philosophies in the form of three simple rules combined with three simple questions.

Please give us the benefit of your thinking in the comments. What rules and/or questions have helped frame your life philosophies?

Thank you.

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  1. Years ago (1976) I was the District Manager of the largest geographical territory in our company — 45% of the North American continent. Located in Seattle the territory included Wash, Ore, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, three provinces in Canada, and Alaska. I sold
    Capital Equipment. l got all wound up and intense trying to be effective and efficient in covering this territory. The home office was a two hour time difference, and I felt my support team was letting me down. In pushing them hard, they started to resent me. I sat down one day and listed everyone who needed me. My wife and four young sons were on that list. Everyone I was making life difficult for was on the list of who I needed to service my customers. I believe the Bonus Question answer is probably the same for everyone: “Your Immediate Family.”

    • Thanks, Jim!

  2. The bonus question is one that cuts right to the heart. It reflects the impact that you have had as a leader, the commitments that you have honored, those you have loved and loved well, and those who look to you for guidance. Great question to ponder ….

    • Thanks, Ginger.

  3. Really enjoyed this blog – Good job

    • Thanks, Ronny. Glad you liked it.

  4. Simple and excellent. thanks Wayne

    • Thanks, Kent! Happy 50th anniversary to Estes!

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