Everyone Learns From Their Mistakes, But Can We Learn From Successes Too?

Failure is a powerful teacher. But can we say the same about success? When something goes well, do we invest time and attention on drawing learning lessons from that success? Do we conduct a robust “˜after action review’ to learn and document what went right – as well as not so right?

This week, Wayne shares real-life examples to demonstrate how improvement is based not just on repairing mistakes but also on leveraging what goes right in the never ending fambiz quest to learn, grow, and prosper.

Please give us the benefit of your thoughts and comments.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne-

    Great topic this week and here again you are spot on. I believe that we, as business owners, are so concerned with fixing our failures that we overlook our successes and do not celebrate and/or learn from them. I believe that if things are working well, then that is the expected outcome, so we simply focus our efforts on fixing the things that do not work as well. Any successful business should have process that work well, but you are right in the fact that we need to be more cognizant of our successes and leverage them for continued success.

    • I agree, Danny. In addition to EXPECTING success, many of us are consumed with “busyness” that precludes us investing time in new systems that would fuel our growth. Thanks for commenting!

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