Is Your Team Holding You Back?

Do you know in your heart you have people that are not good fits on your team?
Do you have customer complaints?
Low Morale?
People obviously not pulling their weight?
Are you reluctant to let people go? Listen as Wayne offers his personal witness on why it is critically important to administer tough love and get the wrong people off your bus so the right people can be satisfied and do their jobs in an excellent way.
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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. A very wise man once said that “You can’t fix a personnel issue to soon.” Great points on the blog today, but definitely difficult. Thanks Wayne.

    • Good quote, Chris. Wish I had said it! Thanks.

  2. Here’s my conundrum: I have a very key person that is a 6 or 7. We are relatively small as well. Our niche and this person’s role make it a very difficult position to replace. Construction in Seattle is crazy and all the good people are taken. Sure an 8, 9 or 10 would be better but I can’t let this person go without a solid replacement. It’s kind of like firing the coach without a plan in place for a good replacement.

  3. Wayne
    I was slightly uncomfortable watching you describe what goes on in our company; but you speak the truth. Those are tough choices that need to be made, yet get delayed. Another good reminder for all of us.
    P.S. Bah Humbug, glad you slept well that Christmas

    • Thanks, Don. I didn’t sleep THAT well…

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