Is Business Development All About Relationship?

Business development is, of course, at least somewhat dependent on building relationships. But are there other, perhaps less obvious, pathways to BD success?

Please tune in this week as John Woodcock briefly reviews the book The Challenger Sale, discusses the five different types of sales profiles, and reveals which is the most successful BD approach in a complex selling environment like construction. We’d love to hear what has worked – or failed to work – for you. Please share in the comments section.

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  1. Well done John. As always, complex sales have complex arrays of skills required. There is no magic bullet or strategy, which make it tough for us binary/engineering thinking types! There is no script, strategy, or formula.

    • Agree Jim. The first step for contractors is to recognize that what they are selling is complex. We can leverage that , rather than try to oversimplify, which tends to take us back to a focus on price, not value.

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